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Senior Security Alliance is devoted to working with Congress to secure the Social Security benefits of America’s retirees and protect the financial stability of our seniors.

That’s why we support the passage of The Senior Citizens Bill of Rights.

Faced with financial uncertainty, senior citizens are increasingly worried that the federal government will attempt to balance the budget by passing legislation that would continue to eat away at the limited income seniors rely on to make ends meet during retirement.

Senior Security Alliance believes no retired worker should ever have this worry. Our Social Security benefits must be guaranteed to every American senior who worked hard and contributed to the Trust Fund on every paycheck.

Some call our benefits an “entitlement.” We say they’re EARNED. And after years of faithfully contributing our earnings to Social Security, we’ve EARNED both our full and fair benefits and a legally-binding guarantee from our government that we’ll receive the Social Security benefits we’ve been promised.

Through our petition drives, voter education programs, Congressional lobbying activities and nationwide surveys, Senior Security Alliance works to defend the financial security of America’s senior citizens and to give voice to their concerns.

Our Executive Director, Nensi Fiorenini, and the entire Senior Security Alliance team, would like to encourage you to explore our website for news and legislative updates on issues of vital concern to all senior citizens.

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Senior Security Alliance is a program of the Senior Citizens Lobby, a grassroots nonprofit organization.